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List of Occupation Abbreviations

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paperhngr paperhanger
pass passenger
pat patient
pdlr peddler
pen pensioner
pharm pharmacist
photo, photog, photogr photographer
phy, phys physician
pkr packer
plmbr plumber
plshr polisher
plte plate
plstr plasterer
pntr painter
police policeman
pres president
prin, princ principal
prod produce, product
prof professor
proj projectionist
prop proprietor
prov provisions
prsfdr pressfeeder
prsmn pressman
prtr, prntr printer
ptrnmkr patternmaker
pub publishing
publr publisher
purch purchasing
rail railway
ref refiner
refrig refrigeration
reg registrar
rel est real estate
rep representative
repr, rpr repairer
rest, restr restaurant
ret retail
retd retired
Rev Reverend
ry railway
san sanitary
sdlr saddler or harness maker
sea seaman
sck sack
sec secretary
sec hd second hand
sen senior
sgt, sergt sergeant
ship shipping
shpr shipper
silv silver
sls sales
slsldy saleslady
slsmn salesman
smltr smelter
smstrs seamstress
solr solicitor
sta stationary
sten, steno, stenog stenographer
stereo stereotype
statnr stationeer
stlwkr steelworker
stmftr steamfitter
str steamer
stud, studt student
stvdre stevedore
sup, supt, suput superintendent
supvr, supvsr supervisor
surg surgeon
swchmn, switch switchman
tchr teacher
tel telephone
teleg telegraph
tinner tinsmith
tlr tailor
tlrs tailoress
tmkpr timekeeper
tmstr teamster
tndr tender
tob tobacco
tran, trans transportation
transf transfer
trav travelling, traveller
treas treasurer
undtkr undertaker
uphol, upholstr upholsterer
vet veterinarian
vis visitor
vulc vulcanizer
wa, wareh, wareho warehouse
wd wkr wood worker
who, whol wholesale
whsmn warehouseman
wid widow
widr widower
wkr worker
wldr welder
wtchmn watchman
wtr waiter
wtrs waitress
ydmn yardman
ydmstr yardmaster