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Genealogy Toolbar

Want to take your genealogy research to the next level? GenealogyInTime Magazine has released version 2.1 of the free genealogy toolbar that integrates into the Firefox internet browser. This popular toolbar is used by thousands of genealogists around the world.

Fun and easy to use, the Genealogy Toolbar sports an elegant interface and several innovative and very useful features for tracing your ancestors.

GenealogyInTime magazine free genealogy toolbar

Working with all versions of Firefox (and older versions of Internet Explorer), the Genealogy Toolbar provides:

• Direct access to the powerful Genealogy Search Enginethat searches billions of free ancestral records found on thousands of websites from around the world.

• Direct access to listings of the newest genealogy records on the internet.

• Direct access to the Family Tree Search Engine that searches billions of names found on various genealogy forums and online family trees.

• A direct link to the Top 100 Most Popular Genealogy Websites to make it convenient for you to find the most popular genealogy websites on the internet.

• A direct link to FamilySearch.org

• A direct link to A Million Short Search Engine, which specializes in searching less popular websites on the internet.

• An innovative and unique genealogy feed. It picks up real-time postings from the largest genealogy websites and popular genealogy blogs.

• A button to directly access your Google gmail account.

• A meter with website statistics to help you determine the popularity of any website on the internet.

Fun, free and useful. From the beginning genealogist to the seasoned researcher, there is something for everyone.

Click here or on the image below to preview this popular toolbar in action and to begin your free download.

Get our toolbar!


Some Technical Background

• Make sure you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox before you attempt to download the toolbar.

Many users have asked us if we can make the Genealogy Toolbar available for Google Chrome and newer versions of Internet Explorer. We have been working on this for some time. At the moment, the toolbar is only available for Firefox and older versions of Internet Explorer (version 8.0 and earlier).

• Here are two independant reviews of the Genealogy Toolbar from the Easter Family Genealogy Blog and from Anglo-Celtic Connections.

• If you already have the Genealogy Toolbar installed, you don't need to reinstall the toolbar or do anything. You will automatically receive the update.

• The Genealogy Toolbar was designed in concert with Alexa (the internet traffic people). Alexa uses the data gathered from the toolbar to help determine the popularity of various websites. You can easily opt out of this feature if you do not want your vote to count. Simply click on the Options button (the button on the far right of the toolbar – it looks like a gear) and then uncheck the box labelled “Send button usage statistic to Alexa”.

•If you decide that you want to uninstall the Genealogy Toolbar, it is simple to remove. In the Firefox menu, click Tools | Add-ons. Then click the Extensions tab on the left. Click the remove button to permanently remove the GenealogyInTime Magazine Toolbar.