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1. The website Dublin Heritage has the 1908 to 1912 and the 1915 electoral rolls. They can be searched using the Genealogy Search Engine (just use site:dublinheritage.ie in your search term).


1. Ancestry.com.au has an updated set of Australian electoral rolls from 1903 to 1980.

2. The Queensland Family History Society sells Queensland electoral rolls for 1903, 1913, 1922, 1934, 1941, 1949 and 1959.

3. The State Library of Queensland has an extensive collection of electoral rolls from all across Australia along with extensive links.

4. The state archives of New South Wales has a very useful online guide to electoral rolls 1842-1864.

5. Gould Genealogy has many different Australian electoral roll collections for sale.

6. FindMyPast has several Australian and New Zealand electoral roll collections.

New Zealand

1. Ancestry.com.au has a collection of New Zealand electoral rolls from 1853 to 1981.

2. Electoral rolls and street directories are also available for Otago and Southland from 1840 to 1876 through the Otago Nominal Index.

3. Land Information New Zealand can be used to trace old street names and places found in electoral rolls.


1. Ancestry.ca has Canada voter lists 1935 to 1980.

2. Ancestry.ca also has Ontario voter lists 1867 to 1900.

3. The University of BC Library holds BC provincial electoral rolls for 1874 to 1898 and 1949 to 1979.


1. No known major collection of online electoral rolls at this time.

2. The best place to search for US electoral rolls is local libraries and state archives.

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