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top 50 genealogy website 2015



Ancestry and MyHeritage continue to be the leading genealogy websites, but several new rising stars also earned coveted spots on the Top 100 List. This year, as in past years, genealogists preferred ancestral record websites over all others. The biggest change in the year, however, is how the field of genealogy is becoming dominated by three corporations (Ancestry, MyHeritage and brightsolid).

Free genealogy websites are slowly being squeezed out of the top 100 list. The field of genealogy overall, however, continues to experience healthy growth. The cut-off for making the Top 100 List in 2012 was an Alexa ranking of 380,841 while the cut-off for the 2013 list was a much-tougher 278,432. Below are the details.


The Top Ten

The top ten genealogy websites have remained the same this year. The individual rankings have been reordered somewhat, as shown in the table below.

Top 10 Genealogy Websites for 2013  
Rank Website Category Free Pay 2012 Rank Address
1 Ancestry.com records pay 1 http://www.ancestry.com/
2 MyHeritage.com family tree pay 2 http://www.myheritage.com/
3 Find A Grave cemetery free 4 http://www.findagrave.com/
4 FamilySearch records free 3 https://www.familysearch.org/
5 Geni.com family tree pay 5 http://www.geni.com/
6 Ancestry.co.uk records pay 8 http://www.ancestry.co.uk/
7 Archives.com records pay 6 http://www.archives.com/
8 GeneaNet forum free 9 http://www.geneanet.org/
9 Genealogy.com records pay 7 http://genealogy.com/
10 MyFamily forum pay 10 https://www.myfamily.com/


Ancestry.com continues to dominate at the number one position, followed by MyHeritage at number two. Find A Grave experienced strong growth during the year and managed to surpass FamilySearch.org to become the third most popular genealogy website in the world. FamilySearch.org is now at the number four position. Geni.com held steady at number five, while Ancestry.co.uk moved up two spots on the list to number six. Archives.com slipped one spot to number seven, while GeneaNet (the popular genealogy forum from France) moved up one spot to number eight on the list. Genealogy.com slipped two spots to number nine, while MyFamily held steady at number ten.

Want to know the Alexa ranking of a website? The free (and very popular) Genealogy Toolbar has a built-in Alexa meter that will tell you the ranking of any website you visit on the internet. The Genealogy Toolbar also conveniently incorporates the entire Top 100 List so you don’t have to bother bookmarking any new/interesting genealogy websites you find on the list.


The Top Free Genealogy Websites

The number of free genealogy websites dropped this year in our Top 100 List. Last year, there were 57 free genealogy websites in the top 100, meaning there were more free genealogy websites than paid websites. This year, however, the situation has reversed. The number of free genealogy websites in the Top 100 List fell to 47, or 47% of the total. In the top 25, only 7 websites (or 28%) are free.

Below is a list of the top ten free genealogy websites for 2013.

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