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Why Genealogy Is Important


Genealogy is a curiosity for most, a hobby for many and an obsession for some. In this article we look at the practical and philosophical reasons that motivate people to spend time researching their ancestors.


Some people have very specific reasons for tracing their family tree. Others jump into family history research without giving it much thought.

Knowing why people research their ancestors can be a source of inspiration and support for genealogists. This can be particularly important when the inevitable roadblocks and brick walls become a factor.

What motivates the broader genealogy community is also helpful in understanding the future direction of ancestral research.

bricked doorway
Genealogy can provide a doorway to the past. It is often necessary to break through brick walls to get to the truth.

Genealogy can certainly mean different things to different people. However, there are some common threads that all people share when looking towards the past. The first part of the article discusses the many practical reasons why people get involved with genealogy. Often, these practical aspects are caused by a specific trigger. The second part of the article focuses on the philosophical aspects of human curiosity and how it motivates people to research their family tree.

The Practical Side of Genealogy

Below are some of the main practical triggers as to why people search for their ancestors:

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