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Genealogy Search Engine FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Find out what types of records are searched and what countries are covered by the Genealogy Search Engine. Also find out why you should use it to complement searches done on subscription websites like Ancestry and FindMyPast.


General Questions

1. Why should I use the Genealogy Search Engine?


2. How does the free Genealogy Search Engine differ from subscription websites like Ancestry or FindMyPast?


3. How popular is the Genealogy Search Engine?


4. Does the Genealogy Search Engine really find billions of free genealogy records on the internet?


5. How many websites does the Genealogy Search Engine cover?


6. What countries does the Genealogy Search Engine cover?


7. Do you also cover recent online obituaries?


8. How often do new records get indexed by the Genealogy Search Engine?


9. How often should I use the Genealogy Search Engine?


10. Does the Genealogy Search Engine also search subscription genealogy websites?


11. If ancestral records are spread all over the internet, how do you find them all?


12. What is the difference between the Genealogy Search Engine and the Family Tree Search Engine?


13. It must cost a lot of money to run your search engines. How do you offer this service for free?


Search Questions

1. How do I search for my ancestors?


2. Am I limited to just searching by name?


3. How do I learn more about doing a more detailed search?


4. I can't find my ancestors. Can I send you all the details and get you to do the search?


5. Why are the search results limited to ten pages?


6. When I did a search, it said there were 10 pages of results, but when I clicked on the results only 4 pages of results showed up. What happened to the other results?


7. Does the Genealogy Search Engine work on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads?


8. I did a search and got some great results, but I forgot to save them. Can you retrieve my search results?