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3. Search in Two Languages

The language used in a Google search can make a big difference to the search results.  This is an important consideration if you are searching for an ancestor from a non-English speaking country. 

For example, suppose you were looking for birth records from Bavaria, Germany.  If you perform a Google search on "Bavarian birth records" you will get different results than if you translate ‘Bavarian birth records’ into German and then perform a Google search.

Typing a search term in English and then going to Google Translate to translate the English search terms into another language and then going back to Google Search and re-entering the translated terms can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Is there a better and easier way to do this?

Searching in two languages at once can be done using a specialty Google search engine called a 2lingual Google Search.  With this search engine, you enter your search terms in English and then chose a second language.  The search engine will display two sets of search results: one in English and the other in the language you picked.

2lingual search engine
Search output for Bavarian birth records in English and German using 2lingual Google Search.

This search engine will save you time and enhance your ancestral searches if you are looking for genealogy records in another language.

[2lingual Google Search]


4. Using Two Search Engines at Once

Sometimes when you are searching for something using Google, it simply doesn’t provide good results. So what do you do? Try another search engine? Which one?  There are so many search engines on the internet.

We suggest you try Googawho.  It will take your search terms and run it through multiple search engines.  It then display the results from the two search engines that it thinks provide the best results.  You can think of Googawho as Google times two.



5. Google Maps versus Yahoo Maps

Most people have a preference to use either Google Maps or Yahoo Maps.  In some geographic locations, Google Maps provides better results and in other locations Yahoo Maps prevails. If you are using Google Maps or Yahoo Maps to search for your ancestors, it can be difficult to know which map service is going to provide you with the best result.

We have tracked down a website on the internet that allows side-by-side comparisons between Google Maps and Yahoo Maps.  Simply enter the address in the search box and this website will pull up the results from both map services at once. 

You can use this service to always ensure that you have the best online map when searching for your ancestors.

[Google Maps versus Yahoo Maps Comparator]

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