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Free Blacksmith Images


The theme of this series is the traditional blacksmith.

All of our blacksmith images are high-resolution, professional photographs for your personal use - compliments of GenealogyInTime Magazine.





How to Use One of These Photographs as a Background Image on Your Computer:

1. Double click on the applicable thumbnail image below. Wait for the full size image to fully load.

2. Right click on the full size image.

3. Select Set As Desktop Background. You are done!

See Free Images if you want to use one of these images for your blog, genealogy society or commercial purposes.

abandoned blacksmith shop abandoned blacksmith shop
antique bellows antique bellows
antique blacksmith lathe antique blacksmith lathe
blacksmith anvil and hammers blacksmith anvil and hammers
blacksmith coking fire blacksmith coking fire
blacksmith forging horseshoe on anvil blacksmith forging a horseshoe on an anvil
blacksmith jigs on wall blacksmith jigs on wall
blacksmith shop blacksmith shop
blacksmith spare parts blacksmith spare parts
blacksmith striking anvil blacksmith striking anvil
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