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Free Images

We maintain a collection of hundreds of classic images. All of our images are high resolution and free for your personal use compliments of GenealogyInTime Magazine.

The images can also be used for websites and commercial purposes (see bottom of page for details).

Brick Wall Images
heritage stone wall Brick Wall Images - Series 2
1956 Meteor trunk ornament Classic Car Images
Classic Car Images- Series 2
Classic Car Images- Series 3
old schoolhouse desks

Pioneer Images

young colt with mother Horse Images
ivy growing on stone wall Stone Wall Images
blacksmith striking anvil Blacksmith Images
harvest basket of fruits and vegetables Farm Images
Rust Images

Our Policy on Using Our Images

You are welcome to download our images free of charge for your own personal use as background images on your computer monitor.

We have a very generous policy if you want to use one of our images on your website. You can use up to three of our images on your website without having to ask us permission provided that:

  1. Your website is for non-commercial use (such as a blog, non-profit educational project, non-profit genealogy society or personal genealogy website).
  2. You understand that we continue to own the copyright to the image.
  3. You include the following text and hyperlink next to each image:

Image courtesy of GenealogyInTime Magazine www.genealogyintime.com

If you want to use one of our images for commercial use, then send us an email at letusknow@genealogyintime.com. Please provide as much detail as possible in your email to help us evaluate your request. Our usual charge is $50 for a license (standard conditions).

Support our free image collection when you shop at Amazon.com Amazon.ca Amazon.co.uk Amazon.de Simply click on the appropriate link and it takes you to the main Amazon home page. We earn a small referral commission if you then buy something (at no cost to you). It takes just 3 seconds of your time. The money raised goes towards increasing our free image collection!

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