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Originally published June 2010

Apple announced this week that it has now sold three million iPads just 80 days after the product was launched in the United States. To put this in perspective, it took Apple 270 days to sell an equivalent number of iPhones and 2.5 years to sell that many iPods. Clearly Apple has a winner on its hands. What makes the iPad so special? We have completed our extensive testing of the iPad and present below our thoughtful impressions on the product and its usefulness for genealogy.

A Game Changer in How We Read

The true appeal of the Apple iPad is that it offers a unique and compelling computing experience. Many people think of the iPad as a wonderful ebook reader with a large and beautiful color screen. A more apt description is that the iPad is a fully functioning tablet computer that also serves as an ebook reader (see Apple’s iPad Takes a Bite out of Reading). Your decision as to whether you want to use an iPad for genealogy comes down to two factors:

• Your inclination towards consuming online content versus creating new content.

• Your preference for a new more intuitive user interface versus the traditional interface of a conventional personal computer.

Apple iPad for genealogy
This is how the first version of the iPad looks.

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