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Don’t pack for every possible contingency. Be disciplined. Take only what you are absolutely certain you are going to use. For a one week trip, leave behind anything that will not be used for at least two days on your trip.

airport concourse
Some airports are very large and require a considerable amount of walking. Wear comfortable shoes and make sure your carry-on luggage has solid handles and good wheels.

Three Simple Rules

To help guide your decision making, GenealogyInTime Magazine has created three simple rules to make it easier to pack light. These rules are based on years of travel:

1. Rule of Twos – with the exception of socks and underwear (always take lots), never take more than two of anything. This rule applies to shoes, jackets, trousers and pretty much anything else that you might want to put in a suitcase.

The secret to limiting yourself to two of anything is to make sure your clothes can be easily mixed and matched. Basically, everything in your suitcase should go with everything else in your suitcase. This allows you to get the maximum use out of your belongings without looking like you are always wearing the same clothes every day.

Shoes are the biggest space hogs in a suitcase. Think long and hard about packing extra pairs of shoes for a trip. If you want to mix and match your wardrobe, it is better to do it with accessories other than shoes. An ideal pair of shoes for travel should be comfortable walking shoes that are also fashionable enough for meetings during the day and elegant enough for going out to restaurants at night.

2. Rule of Whites – leave white clothes at home. White clothes shows dirt and stains too easily.

3. Iron Rule – take clothes that are wrinkle-resistant and easily washable. Don’t pack anything that needs to be ironed.

1949 Triumph
It is still possible to travel in elegant style if you stick to these three simple rules. See more classic car pictures.

A study of travellers at London’s Heathrow airport produced an interesting result. Richer people travel with less luggage. They place a high value on the serenity and peace of mind that comes with travelling light.


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