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Specific Tips

Here are some specific tips to further lighten your load:

• Start by checking the weather at your destination before you leave home. This will help inform your decision as to what to bring and it will provide peace of mind that you are not leaving anything important at home.

• Pack fast-access items into the outer pockets of your suitcase. These are items you might need before you get to your final destination such as an umbrella, hat, maps, travel brochures, light jacket, etc.

• Most modern televisions have a USB port. Use the USB port of the television in your hotel room to charge your electronics.

It is easy to get lost in large airports. Here is a simple tip to make things easier that works at airports around the world. Departures are always on the top floor and arrivals are on the bottom.

• Many people like to carry extra shoes in their suitcase in case one pair gets wet on their travels. To avoid this issue, use the hairdryer in hotel rooms to dry out any shoes (and other clothes) that do get wet. Just make sure to use the low heat setting.

• Many people become overly concerned about appropriate dress when they travel. In most countries, good manners are more important than good dress. So remember to take your best manners with you.

• It is not always clear what kinds of clothes are culturally appropriate for a given destination. For example, in India people never wear shorts or hats of any kind. A neat trick is to go to Google images and type in the name of your destination. Instead of looking at images of the local tourist attractions, focus on what people are wearing in the pictures (especially the locals). This will give you a strong clue as to the appropriate dress for the country.

Mumbai Juhu beach
Travel is all about discovering new places and cultures.

Some people have difficulty keeping extra items out of their luggage. One way to work around this issue is to write up a formal packing list well before you travel. As you get closer to the departure date, review the list and rationalize where necessary. The second advantage of writing out a packing list is to make sure you don’t forget anything important on your travels, such as sunscreen and medications.

• Stuff socks and underwear into packed shoes. It can save space and has the added benefit that it helps shoes keep their shape.

• Rolling your clothes also saves space in a suitcase. As an added benefit, it helps prevent clothes from creasing. Just don’t roll a shirt with a collar as it can damage the collar. For this type of shirt, fold them like you see in a department store.

• Don't wait until the last minute before packing for a trip. Some people make formal lists of what to take. We prefer to put things into our suitcase as we think of them. Either approach will make sure you don't forget anything important.

• Lay all your items on a bed at home before formally packing the suitcase. This will make it easier to cull a few items before the trip. It will also make it easier to check to make sure your clothes can be easily mixed and matched.

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