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Google began rolling out a new function this week to help make search safer. It is incorporating background information on websites directly into search results. The objective is to help people make better judgements about the websites they visit.

This new function works in two ways. If you perform a Google search on a specific website, a box appears to the right of the search results. This box provides additional information on the site. An example is shown below.

Google search for Ancestry.com
This Google search for <Ancestry.com> brings up a box to the right of the search result with additional background information on the website.

Google is also starting to include website information in line with general search results. An example is shown below.

new Google search
To the right of the normal green link is a new grey link. Simply click on this link to get additional information about the website, which appears in a pop-up box. Source: Google search blog.

These new functions are being rolled out by Google over the next several weeks. This is one more enhancement made by Google to try to improve the quality of search results.

And in case you missed it, this interesting video from Google very nicely highlights some of the major search terms used in 2013.


Originally published January 2014

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