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Looking to organize a small free event for your genealogy club? Or perhaps you would like to finally organize that family reunion you have been talking about for years? There are many event planning software packages out there that will help you organize such an event. Most cost money. Some appear to be free, but then somewhere along the planning process they try to up-sell you to some expensive product.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple online tool for organizing small meetings? Ideally, the tool should be free and simple to use without all the usual (and unnecessary) bells and whistles? Well there is. It is called Attending. Check it out. [Attending]

Private Google Search

Want to search Google without Big Brother watching you? StartPage is a dedicated search engine that uses Google to search the web. The difference is that StartPage allows you to search in private. No record is made of your search. No IP address is logged, no tracking cookies are used, and everything is encrypted. It is a useful search engine for those who like their privacy. [StartPage]

StartPage is a useful website that allows you to use the Google search engine in a private manner.

Old and Interesting

Old and Interesting is a website devoted to the history of everyday domestic items such as washing boards, irons, brooms and kitchen utensils. What does this have to do with genealogy? Two things: it can provide context on how your ancestors lived and it can be a useful resource when you are trying to date old images and photographs that might happen to contain household items.

The website is a wealth of information on everyday household items, how they were used, why they were used and what they looked like. As an added bonus, by looking at this website you may be able to finally figure out the purpose of that old family doohickey/heirloom. [Old and Interesting]

heritage kitchen shelf
The age of everyday kitchen items can be determined using the website Old and Interesting. See our collection of genealogy images for more ancestral items ranging from kitchen scenes to historic tractors to vintage automobiles.

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