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Check Your Internet Speed

Here is another very handy website that is absolutely free. It is called My Broadband Speed and it will test the speed of your internet connection using a very intuitive speed dial. This site can be very useful when you complain to your internet service provider about slow internet connections. It also keeps a history of your internet speed if you want to test it during different times of the day. [My Broadband Speed]

Check News Quickly

You get up in the morning all ready for another day of ancestral research. But first you decide to see if there is anything major happening in the world. So you go to your favorite news websites to get the latest updates. An hour goes by and you find you are still surfing news websites. Wouldn’t you rather have spent your time on genealogy research? Isn’t there a better/faster way to check the news? There is. It is called NewsMap.

As shown below, it provides a quick visual update on the leading headlines from around the world. It can be customized for 15 different countries. Now you can see what is important and trending in the news within one minute. This leaves time for more important things, like genealogy. [NewsMap]

news map
NewsMap provides a visual summary of all the latest news. The size of each box on the page tells you how much coverage that particular news story is getting. The boxes are also color-coded by topic. Blue is sports, purple is entertainment, red is world news, green is business. You can click on the box and it will take you to the article at a free news website. Click on the tabs at the top of the page to switch to change countries.

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