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Using Google Videos and Forums

Google Videos and Forums options can be useful for genealogy searches. The Videos option allows you to search through references to online videos that may contain the name of an ancestor. This is a particularly useful way to search through videos on such services as YouTube and other do-it-yourself video services. However, chances are that unless you are searching for a living relative or a famous ancestor, you are likely to come up empty on this search option. Still, it is always worth checking.

Searching the Forums option is likely to be more relevant for a genealogist trying to find an ancestor. It will bring up the public Google forums where people may have mentioned an ancestor’s name. To get the most out of this search function, however, it is best to just enter your ancestor’s name in the Advanced Search page (usually in the format First Name followed by Last Name). This is because people will often mention the name of an ancestor that they are searching for in a forum but will often be vague about other identifiers such as place and date of birth (or they mention it in a format that Google cannot easily index). This technique works best with less common names.

Tip – When using the Forums search option do not specify too many search parameters or else you may miss too many relevant results.

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