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Where to Go for More Google Search Tips

Google is constantly revising and updating their search tips. To stay on top of the latest search tips for genealogists, we suggest you periodically visit the Google Search Tip Site for Librarians. This is the most useful site for genealogists wanting to stay on top of the latest Google search tips. It provides a variety of tip sheets that you can print out to help you with your Google searches.

Although this article focuses on Google search tips for genealogy, there are certainly many more types of searches that can be done on Google. Most of these other search tips are not particularly relevant to genealogy. However, we can’t help but share one last tip that is not directly related to genealogy, but it is fun and good to know. This tip is almost never mentioned anywhere and it involves cooking. If you can’t decide what to make for dinner, simply enter some of the ingredients from your fridge into Google. List each ingredient followed by a comma (for example pasta, chicken, potatoes). Google will pull up all the recipes that use those ingredients. Now you never have to worry anymore about what to make for dinner and you can spend your time instead looking for your ancestors. Happy hunting!

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