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Google Time Searches

The Time searches are useful for looking for recent records that may have been recently added to the internet. The current default is Any Time with additional options Recent Results, Past 24 Hours, Past Week and Past Year. Just remember that genealogy records are (by definition) archived records and archived records are often located in the far recesses of the internet. It can take Google several days or longer to index new genealogy records, even ones found on popular genealogy websites. Thus, we would not recommend using the Recent Results and Past 24 Hours options for genealogy searches since Google is not really a real-time search engine. You are likely to have more success with the Past Week and Past Year search results.

Tip – When searching for new genealogy records use the Past Week and Past Year options since it can often take Google several days to index new genealogy records.

Google More Text Option

The More Text option can be particularly useful for genealogists looking for ancestors. When Google returns search results, the text that accompanies each Google search result is known as a snippet. Often reading the snippet is not enough to judge whether the search result is useful. Clicking through to every page can be a time consuming chore. To help overcome these issues try using the More Text option. It basically increases the length of each snippet.

This will help you make a more informed choice as to which search results to focus your attention without having to click through to so many pages. The first illustration below shows a standard snippet. The second illustration shows the expanded snippet as a result of clicking on the More Text option. Can you see the difference?

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