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Best Free Search Engines

Below is the GenealogyInTime Magazine list of the best free people search engines:



Google is still the best and most popular search engine when looking for people for two specific reasons:

• Of all search engines, Google has the greatest depth and breadth across the internet. Google simply indexes more of the internet than anyone else (see Google Caffeine = Big Genealogy News).

• Google is the only major search engine that allows the user to perform advanced people searches without having to program complicated strings of Boolean logic. We talked about this at length in our two-part article How to Use Google Advance Search for Genealogy. As shown in the example below, Google Advance Search can be a powerful tool when looking for a person. The same methodology used in our previous articles for finding an ancestor can also be applied to finding a living individual. We recommend that you read these previous articles.

Google Advanced Search searching for a person

[Link to Google Advanced Search]

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