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Pipl is definitely a fun site to use and one that can often produce great people search results. Pipl should be on everyone’s list as a go-to site for people search.

The basis of this free people-search site is that it scours what is known as the “deep web” in search of records about a person. The deep web contains the databases of archived records where most information about people can be found.

To give you an idea of the size of the deep web, research indicates that the actual data contained in the deep web is some 500 times larger than the more commonly defined area of the World Wide Web.

Pipl searches less-common databases and indexes that other search engines often ignore. This can include such items as blog entries, donation lists, public record lists, business profiles, tagged images, videos and obscure technical documents.

One of the nice things about Pipl is that it allows a user to search by more than just name. You can search by first name, last name, city, state and country. If that is not enough, you can also search by email address, online user name and phone number. Below is an image of the main search page for Pipl. The search page is clean and easy to use.

pipl people search

Another major strength of Pipl is that it organizes search results in a logical manner. Results are grouped into categories such as publications, images, videos, web pages, blog posts and documents. Furthermore, most duplicate entries are removed, greatly alleviating the need to wade through page after page of search results.


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