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New Genealogy Records

Ten Effective Strategies on How to Build a Family Tree

Google Limitations on Genealogy Searches

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Genealogy Tips and Brick Wall Solutions

We have many detailed genealogy tips and brick wall solutions to share with people. A good place to start is the Genealogy Tip of the Week.


Free Images

Looking for some nice genealogy-themed images for your iPad or computer monitor? We have over 500 images organized by themes: classic cars, pioneer life, traditional horse scenes, blacksmith images, heritage farm scenes, vintage brick walls, vintage stone walls, and even a rust theme. Check out our free images.

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We have lots of free high-resolution genealogy images.


Genealogy Tweets, Blogs and News

If you are interested in following the latest genealogy tweets, blogs and news, GenealogyInTime Magazine has dedicated tools for this:

• The Genealogy Twitter Gadget provides real-time updates of all genealogy tweets. You don't have to have a Twitter account to use this gadget. However, if you do use Twitter, it can be fun to watch your tweets get published to the world in real time.

• The Genealogy News Gadget provides real-time updates on genealogy news from hundreds of sources. This is a popular tool that people like to keep running in the background as they work on their computer. It will automatically update itself throughout the day.


Other Tools

We also have a world time zone map to help you find the current time anywhere in the world relative to your location. This is a great map to use if you are corresponding with someone in another time zone.


Genealogy Articles

GenealogyInTime Magazine has over 80 in-depth genealogy articles. Some of the most popular articles are:

Why Genealogy is Important.

Ten Effective Strategies for Building a Family Tree.

Twenty Tips on What Makes a Good Genealogy Blog.

A Guide to Performing Online Genealogy Searches.

Hot Tips on How to Use Google for Genealogy Searches.

Ten Innovations in Online Genealogy Search.

50 Best Genealogy Brickwall Solutions.

A Date Guide to English Genealogy.

Top 100 Most Popular Genealogy Websites


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