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The Top Ten Free Genealogy Websites

This year, we saw something interesting that we have never seen before with our top ten free genealogy websites. Two new (or at least relatively new) websites made it on the list. Usually, it takes several years for free websites to become established, but not this year.

Below is our list of the top free genealogy websites.

top 10 free genealogy websites 2016
These are the top ten free genealogy websites from around the world. There are four new websites on the list this year: MooseRoots; FamilyTreeNow; GEDMatch and Genwiki. Notice also how the most popular free websites tend to be from the US.

• At number one and number two are two old favorites: Find A Grave and FamilySearch, which we have already talked about.

MooseRoots is a new website. It has leapfrogged into the number three position for free genealogy websites. They provide a powerful and free genealogy search engine. Definitely check it out. We also have to note that in the five years we have been compiling the Top 100 List, this is the first time we have seen a new free website launch so high onto the list. Congratulations!

MooseRoots has a clean user interface that makes it a pleasure to use. At the moment, the website is focused exclusively on US genealogy records.

WikiTree at number four is another popular favorite. They provide a free family tree service. Their objective is to try to create a single worldwide family tree. When we talked about them last year, they had 240,000 genealogists who had contributed some 9 million ancestors to their tree. Now they have grown to over 300,000 users who have contributed close to 11 million ancestors to their tree.

wikitree website
WikiTree has been around since 2008. It has recently seen very strong growth. Many people are drawn to it because it is a free website with good privacy controls.

FamilyTreeNow at number five is also a relatively new website, having launched in the fall of 2014. They are a combination of a search engine and a family tree website. Also, very much worth checking out.

familytreenow website mar 016

FamilyTree Now is a free family tree website that also happens to have a number of free records that can be accessed through their search engine.

• We have talked about GEDMatch before, but this is the first time they have made our top ten free list at number six (last year they were a rising genealogy star). GEDMatch is a free website that provides the unique ability for people to compare and potentially match their DNA test results to other people. If you have done some DNA testing for your family then you should definitely check out this website.

GEDmatch website
GEDMatch is a free website that allows people to compare and potentially match their test results with other people. This can be an invaluable service for anyone with DNA test results.

AncientFaces at number seven is a fun website. They specialize in sharing vintage photographs. Although there are now several genealogy websites that specialize in ancestral photographs, AncientFaces is one of the oldest having been around since the year 2000.

ancientfaces website march 2016

AncientFaces allows people to identify ancestors in old family photographs and to share the findings with others.

Genwiki at number eight is a genealogy wiki from Germany. If you are from Germany and you are into genealogy or you have German ancestors then you definitely should consider Genwiki.

genwiki website march 2016

Genwiki is a massive and popular genealogy platform from Germany. Although most of the website is in German, with the aid of Google Translate it is a useful website for anyone with German ancestors.

USGenWeb Archives has also been around for a very long period of time. They have a huge group of volunteers who steadily and quietly add more and more free genealogy records online. The website is massive. Fortunately, all the records are organized by state, county and type of record. The records can also be searched using the free Genealogy Search Engine on our website.

us genweb archives website march 2016

US GenWeb Archives has a straightforward and understandable way of organizing their massive collection of genealogy records. Some of our readers prefer to search the website using our Genealogy Search Engine (use the site:usgwarchives.net command in your search string). See A Guide to Performing Online Genealogy Searches.

• At number ten, we have RootsChat, a good old fashion genealogy forum from the UK. Forums at one time were very popular with genealogists, although they have quieted down somewhat recently. However, RootsChat continues to go strong and continues to serve the genealogy community. Well worth a visit if you have UK ancestors.

rootschat website march 2016

RootsChat has over 5.1 million posts. Looking for leads on tracing your English ancestors? Check out RootsChat.

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