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In Summary

At GenealogyInTime Magazine, our mandate is to find creative and innovative ways to help people connect with their ancestors. One way we do this is to create an objective and independent list of the top 100 genealogy websites from around the world. This helps our audience become better informed of useful resources. An informed genealogist is a better genealogist.

Below are the icons for this year’s Top 100 List. Please feel free to use them on your website if you are in the top 100 or put them in your blog article if you are talking about the list.

top 100 genealogy website 2016

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top 50 genealogy website 2016

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top 25 genealogy website 2016

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top 10 genealogy website 2016

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Further Resources

We have a variety of resources including many genealogy articles to help people find their ancestors.

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Use the Family Tree Search Engine to see if anyone else is talking about your ancestors.

Discover The Key to Understanding Family Relationships.

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Find some Simple Ways to Improve Your Genealogy Productivity.

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