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New Additions

Here is the complete list of all the new additions to the Top 100 List for 2016. There are 11 new additions this year.

top 100 new additions for 2016

These are all the new additions to the Top 100 List for 2016. Most of the new additions came in closer to the bottom of the Top 100 list, but two websites (MooseRoots and Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation) placed higher up the list.

Rising Genealogy Stars

What are rising genealogy stars? These are the websites that have seen the largest increases in popularity over the last year. These are definitely websites worth checking out. We have noticed after doing our Top 100 List for five years now that the rising genealogy stars of today are often the major genealogy websites of tomorrow. Below is a table of the rising genealogy stars of 2016.

2016 rising genealogy stars
This year’s rising genealogy stars are a more eclectic collection of websites than what we have seen in prior years. The Change in Rank column shows how many positions the website has moved in our ranking system relative to the previous year.

The rising genealogy stars list is divided into websites that are already in the top 20 and the balance in the next 80. We do this because it is much more difficult for a website already near the top of the Top 100 List to make significant gains relative to a website that is much farther down the list.

A few websites worth noting on this list:

Forever is a new website that debuted at #87 this year. They specialize in storing and protecting cherished family photographs for (you guessed it) forever. We expect to see this website grow rapidly over the next couple of years.

Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation (#49) is a new website that has old roots. It was born out of the old ellisisland.org website. If you are looking for Ellis Island immigration records (see the article Ellis Island Immigration Facts) then this is the website for you.

Rodovid at #82 on our Top 100 List is the first time we have had a Ukrainian-based website place so high. The website provides free family trees. Ancestral records are hard to come by from Ukraine so it might be worth checking out the website for anyone with Ukrainian ancestors.

DNAeXplained is a blog dedicated to genetic genealogy. It has been run by scientist Roberta Estes for a number of years. The website is full of useful information. It is also nice to see a blog in our Top 100 List. We don’t see too many blogs these days on the list.

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